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Communications Assessment


Which of these Communication Styles are you???

Communications Assessment

Your Communication Style is the most predictable way to learn more about how you interact with people around you.

Our Assessment takes under 5 minutes to complete. Our cost of $10 for the Communication Assessment, paid through Paypal, will provide you with a detailed, customized report on your Communication Style, how your Style tends to interact with other Styles, and several critical, personalized Coaching techniques that will help you make small adjustments that yield huge benefits for your communication effectiveness!

Take the Assessment for free this month by typing in the coupon code TAFLAT
Frequently Asked Questions About Communication Training

In TAFLAT's Communications workshops, you will learn through our Communications model how to better understand your own preferred style of communications. That is, you will understand where you fall in terms of wanting to talk versus listen and whether you tend to talk about facts versus people. In short, we promise you'll gain an amount of self-awareness you didn't previously hold.

Next, you will work in small groups to understand others' preferred styles, and what that looks like in a normal conversation, and under a certain amount of stress. So, while you first learned self-awareness, you then will increase your empathy for others.

The objective is help you navigate conversations all day long, in your workplace, and even at home!

At TAFLAT, we often start our leadership training series with Communication Training. This foundational training allows people to laugh and share themselves, as humans, at all levels. After the Communication Training, the remainder of the leadership program is highly customized for the level of leadership and for what these leaders need to develop.

Great question! If you reflect on your career growth, how much of your success comes from your functional expertise? How much of your success comes from your ability to work well with others? For everyone, the answer is a percentage difference, but both skills are critical to your growth. Let's say, for example, you are an incredible accountant. Does that mean you will be promoted to the Vice President of Finance position? What other characteristics are senior executives looking for, when they promote their people?

Now, imagine you are a great accountant, and also can communicate effectively at all levels, navigating tough and easy conversations with Emotional Intelligence and patience. Are you more likely to be promoted now to the VP of Finance position? For any of us who have been executives, the answer is clear! Our workshops help you develop in the interpersonal skills areas, where 85% of people say they've never received training.

We hear from leaders all the time that while they didn't understand the value going into our workshops, they found that what they learned in our leadership workshops have been the keys to their success in leading others. Dozens of leaders who now are CEOs, have started sending their people to our training to gain those same leadership tools.

One CEO recently mentioned to me, as his current coach, that when he interviews people, he now spends almost all of the interview assessing the candidate's interpersonal skills versus their functional skills. The business case for leadership training and coaching strikes us as powerful!

Yes! Our key differentiator at TAFLAT is we spend a lot of up-front time with leaders, understanding their business needs, before delivering a leadership (or Communications) workshop. We know it is imperative for our facilitators to use real (or relevant) scenarios when they deliver training, and to tailor each workshop to the needs of the leaders. While we're not the least expensive leadership company out there (and we're not the most expensive, btw), we feel we give the most effort for every one of our client engagements! That's the key to our success!