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Oftentimes, our team is hired by an organization for what originally is thought to be an individual leadership opportunity. Before jumping in, we like to ask questions to get to the root causes of concerns. Sometimes, our clients discover that the root causes relate to broader organizational opportunities.

For example, some of our clients have wondered if their organization is ready for a major change about to happen. Other clients have asked us to poll their employees to provide feedback on the effectiveness of an entire department - the department's work quality and collaborative style.

The Academy for Leadership and Training has developed solutions for these unique demands, specifically what we call Organizational Readiness Assessments, Department 360s, and Team Coaching.

When we're not the right consulting group, we partner with our clients to find and evaluate the right resources to support our client's success.

Our goals align with yours...in all cases!

Organizational Readiness Assessment

The Organizational Readiness Assessment includes a series of interviews and focus groups of key stakeholders, to help you to determine your Company's readiness for a change - maybe a software implementation, a new planning process, or myriad other changes.

Our consultants work with you to develop strategic questions to lead the interview process. Once complete, we will present to you a comprehensive analysis of the themes of these confidential interviews. In this way, your organization gets ahead of any surprises and can plan strategic ways to include all parties' interests.

Change Management

When embarking on a major change, you'll need more than hands-and-feet. You'll need a strategy and a compelling reason for the change -- a reason that rallies stakeholders around the Company.

​In addition, your program may require the formation of new project teams. These teams may need to learn new ways of communicating with each other, running their meetings, creating clear roles & responsibilities, and defining common procedures for their success.

​The Academy for Leadership and Training has been there, and we can help you work through all of those concerns, and more!

Department 360's

How would you like to know your department's strengths and opportunity areas for development? Our Department 360 program involves a confidential survey, key interviews, and focus groups to help you understand what other departments want from your department.

We will provide you with overall themes and specific, targeted recommendations for improvement!

Assessing Consultants Fit for Your Company

Sometimes the Academy for Leadership and Training is not the answer for your organization's needs. In this case, we will be glad to work with you to set up a process to identify and select the right consultant(s) for your business opportunity!

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Jim Glantz

Jim Glantz
PhD Organizational Development Consultant

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