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How and Why We Started The Academy For Leadership And Training

07/06/2024 0 Comment

After working as a VP of Talent Development and hiring numerous leadership development companies, I ended up feeling like Goldie-Locks: this company doesn’t customize their work or this company customizes but wants to take over the entire program. I couldn’t find the one that was “just right,” so I saw that as a market opportunity.....

Then, I contacted a few of my best leadership trainers and coaches and asked if they would partner with me to launch The Academy For Leadership And Training. They agreed. 

7 years later, we have all-sizes of clients all over the country. We work with our clients to customize just-enough for them and to take on whatever tasks they need from us. For some companies, they have licensed our training materials, while on the other end of the spectrum, some clients have asked us to run their leadership programs, providing the service of writing communications and planning logistics along with their internal teams.

Whatever your leadership training or executive coaching needs, feel free to contact us by messaging me directly, or write to our team at Admin@TAFLAT.com. 

We cannot wait to learn about your business and the areas you would like to your leaders to further strengthen.

Jim Glantz
Managing Partner, The Academy For Leadership And Training (TAFLAT)
(310) 988-8727

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Jim Glantz is the Managing Partner of The Academy For Leadership And Training (TAFLAT). A 20+ year Executive of Organizational Development & Training, Jim holds a doctoral degree in Organizational Development and a Masters in Education from UCLA. Jim is an Associate Professor & the author of numerous articles.