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What Is, And Why Do, Leadership Training?

02/26/2019 1 Comment

What Is, And Why Do, Leadership Training?

A Quick Read Into Leadership Training

Recently, our Managing Partners held a meeting to discuss a similar conversation we’ve had with our clients. Our clients sometimes ask, “What is leadership training? What do you do? Will it improve my business?”

We want to keep the answer simple, since everyone’s time is short. Our response is…

Leadership training provides managers of people with simple tools and techniques to approach their teams. For example, executives don’t want their leaders to be “micro-managers,” but they also don’t want them to be “too hands-off.” One component of our work is to train leaders to coach their direct reports with the right amount of involvement, depending on the task the leader and direct report are discussing.

For example, if a direct report is assigned a new task that they’ve never tackled, the leader should be attentive and involved, providing detailed instructions or SOPs. On the other hand, for tasks that have been done for years, the leader still should acknowledge their results. For such tasks, the leader may offer to “help problem solve new ways to look at that task.”

When we explain this, our clients tell us, “That’s so simple!” We agree. But then, that’s our hope. Our training and frameworks SHOULD be simple, easy to remember…and powerful in terms of results!

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