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The answer to remote work…develop your employees!

04/15/2022 0 Comment

The answer to remote work…develop your employees!

Increasingly, we are hearing from our clients that they are having a tough time finding the right applicants to replace positions that have recently opened up. When we delve into why several employees have left their company, they explain that many of them received offers of higher-paying, and/or more flexible-remote positions. To compound the problem of retaining talent, our friends in recruiting add that they notice that people are answering their phones when these recruiters call! This combo is a tough sign for employers! 

As a business leader, of course you’re wondering how you can keep your star employees. You want to create a business environment that engages them, and keeps them dedicated to their roles. 

Our answer…develop your leaders so they know how to develop their staffs! 

Did you know that 85% of leaders-of-others state they have not received any training or coaching on how to be effective leaders? Now, to be clear, that doesn’t mean these leaders are mean, impolite, or moody. What it does mean is these leaders have not been trained in the tools at their disposal, such as how to coach effectively, how to understand/manage change, how to set clear expectations and provide accurate feedback, or techniques to help them “show up” in a calmer, more effective manner.  

We all have heard that people don’t quit jobs, they quit managers. That’s only partially true. We see that people stay with companies for two reasons:

  • They love their supervisor – a plug for leadership training and leadership coaching

  • They see their skills developing, and their careers looks bright – a plug for skill-development at all levels of the Company 

In our leadership workshops and our leadership coaching, for all levels, we provide the space for leaders to consider their staffs’ strengths, to provide a clear path forward, and to lead them successfully to solve business challenges. 

Our two leadership public workshops deliver world-class content with dynamic, interactive instruction. The curricula include: 

  • Emerging Leaders Workshop (May 2-3rd): This workshop covers “Showing up as a Leader,” Managing Change, Delegating and Coaching, Root Cause Analysis, and Effective Feedback.

  • Emotional Intelligence (May 30-June 1st): This workshop covers Neuroplasticity/Flexible Thinking, Self-Awareness, and Techniques to Adjust One’s Style.

We’d love to help your leaders grow! Please contact us anytime, for workshops or leadership coaching! Feel free to message me directly, or contact our Head of Business Development, Paul Powell, at admin@taflat.com  We would love to hear from you!

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Jim Glantz is the Managing Partner of The Academy For Leadership And Training (TAFLAT). A 20+ year Executive of Organizational Development & Training, Jim holds a doctoral degree in Organizational Development and a Masters in Education from UCLA. Jim is an Associate Professor & the author of numerous articles.